Memories That Last a Lifetime

But Don’t Take Our Word For It

We love our guests! Before you join our Elite Group, feel free to peruse the memories other people have created at our unique destinations.

Fifty people had the time of their lives at Pirates’ Cove. You and everybody on the staff made everything so easy.

The Cove is more than a live-in amusement park. It is a work of art. No matter where you go or what you do, there’s something surprising, beautiful, or funny to delight the guest.

One of our guests now has his sights set on holding an event there sometime soon and I’ll make sure he has all your information.

I have to say: the property manager is just a hero, sweet, attentive, patient, and expert, and his staff all feels like the best family in the world.

I’d very much like to meet the owner and creator, Craig Tillotson, someday. What an imagination and what an eye for fun and beauty.

Love and thanks,

Amazing time. Can’t wait to go back
This place is the BOMB! We’ll be coming back for sure.